Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Conference Presentation in Guatemala

THE MIRACLE MACHINE...Is What People Called It!!!

A Conference Presentation in Guatemala

Top: Dr. Pablo A. Sanchez Torres, Jr. He went to acupuncture training to Universidad Médica - Ciencias Médicas Villa Clara, Santa Clara, Cuba. He learned about our therapy system in Cuba. Then, visit us to Honduras to get more hands-on professional training. He opens the first clinic in Puerto Vallarta, México. He invited us for a huge conference in México.

Bottom: Dr. Alejandro Elías Gramajo. He was our leader in Guatemala city. A very diversified theraphist. He learned our therapy system and integrated to his practice.


Dr. Alejandro Elías Gramajo

Clínica Biológica de Guatemala, 2da. Calle 33-56, Zona 7, Carretera Vieja a Mixco, Guatemala, Guatemala, Central America

Phone: 506-233-0363; 506-381-9833

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