Thursday, September 25, 2008

In The Beginning...There Was All Dark

THE MIRACLE MACHINE...Is What People Called It!!!

In 1995 I established a brand new company: "Calidad de Vida Internacional, S.A" as the framework to introducing a medical device technology. Eventually it expanded to Latin America and the Caribbean in the next 3 years. The approach started by defining the mission and vision together with a sound marketing and execution plan. In addition, got legal advice in the negotiation of local and international laws.

Once the foundation were solid, launched the business to increase local and international market share. Preliminary results were amazing, nevertheless extraordinary. Sales growth came to life mostly by the strong marketing plan which include organizing medical conferences in Latin American countries. Eventually, our company name and brand got seriously recognized increasing profits up to 35%.

Getting accurate and specific information about our potential customers and competitors was a critical first step in market investigation, research and in the development of the marketing plan.

Once we understood the needs and desires of our potential customers, we study, analyzed and developed the product marketing strategy and specific services that would meet the potential customer needs. We also defined the sales projections for the next 5 years. We did a break even analysis and the detailed monthly, quarterly and yearly cash flow.

Developed simple promotional testimonial material that increased the customer awareness and acceptance of the medical device product. Testimonials included before and after patient’s photos about results after using the medical device technology. Working together with many doctors using medical data to prove that the patients were getting cured.

As we were growing, also developed unique sales propositions for lines of products, including effective eye-catching headlines for advertising purposes. Found out those well designed adds captures customer attention and stimulated quick response. Promotional tools were printed and provided to the network.

Periodical evaluations, results and advanced information were sent to headquarters to unify application methods in order to improve and update the database of information.

Every 6 months we executed product evaluations. Analyzed clinical results and added information to the product’s database. Determined new benefits and included them on product advertising. Information was also shared within all channels.

We contracted scientists from specialized institutions of Latin America. Such approach resulted in discovering more benefits within the medical field. Our company used an advertising agency to develop professional brochures. These were used by direct marketing, printed advertising and Internet promotional campaign. A training program was updated and shared to the network.

Eventually we develop an Internet forum. Professional users added local experiences. The Forum was later used to share advanced treatment methods and as a communication mean to get immediate support were needed and more improved results in patients. Our research centers were very effective in providing us the product information which it was used in the marketing campaigns to increase sales.

Customer satisfaction was a priority for the company. We had technicians immediately available if a customer had questions after the delivery and, for consequent training in the use of the medical device. I use to travel very often to customer sites, clinics and hospitals to make sure they didn’t have any problems. We wanted to have our customers 100% satisfied with the product, that was the key for quick expansion and business growth.

We also had an Informative forum website where doctors and users periodically updated experience with different pathologies. The information benefited other users by simplifying therapy procedures. When functional problems were reported at the Forum we acted immediately. Investigated the case with full details and submitted information to headquarters. As a result of that, several modifications were done to the medical device which improved application efficiency quite outstandingly.

As time pass by, developed 397 clinics and sales centers all over Latin America. Appointed 38 direct sales representatives providing them with the adequate training to improve and increase sales according to the company vision. This included 102 trained medical doctors and educated naturalists just in Honduras and, 295 clinics in major cities in other countries such as El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panamá, Nicaragua, Cuba, Ecuador, Perú, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Mexico. Several United States cities were included: New York, Florida, California, Oregon and Utah.

As the company grow, we negotiated company rights in almost every country. Our medical device and energy therapy technology and its applications were legally protected. The Forum and email communications made this process very efficiently. Information sharing were organized properly and medical device distributors had access only to information required for selling purposes and medical device therapy for patient information was solely accessed by professional doctors.

We directly supported every representative with his own local sales and promotional plan. We supported them on difficult negotiations. Marketing strategies and periodic communication to all personnel, affiliates and distributors was very efficiently. The use of the Forum and email communication kept everyone updated almost on a daily basis.

The Forum was our main communication channel. Printed information was directly ordered by our representatives. A question and answers section was also part of the informative system.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Natural Armony : Natural y Bioenergetic Medicine

Support to research works on Singlet Energy therapy through Calidad de Vida Internacional, S.A. de San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Armonización Natural: Medicina Natural y Bioenergética: ""


Thursday, March 20, 2008

University of Goteborg, Center for Medical Scientific Research

Is What People Called It!!!

Here we started our first basic research. Very expensive indeed, but it was needed to go over direct therapy applications.

The difference between Europe and Latin America was on the number of visitors to the clinics.

While there in Europe had it to 10 per day we grew up to 500 patients per day at Honduras, on much different and varied tropical pathologies. Our experience was extremely rich in quantity and quality. Many european and north american doctors visited us for hands-on training.

In addition to having an exclusive Forum to exchange information and consultations between cases all over Latin America and the Caribbean, we developed superior standard of customer services, medical control and laboratory analyses on each case and pathology and a large database of reference and of advanced results. That was the main reason to our success.


First Therapy Clinic Dedication in Managua, Nicaragua

THE MIRACLE MACHINE...Is What People Called It!!!
This was the first clinic we opened at Managua, Nicaragua.
We were also invited guest to conferences in the cities of Managua, Granada and University of León, León in Nicaragua.

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TV Interviews After Reward, Calidad de Vida Internacional

THE MIRACLE MACHINE...Is What People Called It!!!

TV Interview after the Award to Dra. María Celeste Rodríguez, Medical Director of Calidad de Vida Internacional, our international speaker professional doctor.


Diploma of Recognition: "Distinguish Visitor" Awards

...Is What People Called It!!!

Recognition Award: "Distinguish Visitor" Rewards

The major of the city of San Pedro Sula, Cortés, Honduras recognizing the works of Calidad de Vida Internacional, S.A. and providing a Diploma of Recognition as "Distinguish Visitor."

Delmer Steer, Executive Director and speaker;
Tony, CEO; and Dr. María Celeste Rodríguez, Medical Director and Dr. Gloria Ramírez-El Salvador Rep.
Top Left, after the recognition we travel again to give another conference to 3,500 attendance in San Salvador, El Salvador.


Brindis for The Future!

THE MIRACLE MACHINE...Is What People Called It!!!

Brindis for The Future!

Together with Tony and Dr. Bassam Soussi, scientific researcher from Goteborg University, Goteborg, Sweden. We got together for a visit to Universidad Médica de Villa Clara in Santa Clara, Cuba.

There we signed our second research agreement to basic and applied research on different pathologies, including research on blood testing and plasmae conservation with the Banco de Sangre de Santa Clara, Cuba.

We gave 10 conferences to doctors and specialists, extended our stay during 2 weeks, invested more than 50 thousand dollars and donated 10 complete units in exchange of scientific information and research work to be done in various cities across the country. We enjoyed visiting the "Che Guevara" museum in Santa Clara. Visiting Cuba it was a rewarding experience.


Hands-on Therapie Training at Calidad de Vida Internacional

THE MIRACLE MACHINE...Is What People Called It!!!

Hands-on Therapie Training at Calidad de Vida Internacional

A rewarding visit: Dr. Pablo Sánchez Torres, Jr
Just one week after his journey to Cuba where he learned and experimented about our therapy system. He just drops off to San Pedro Sula airport, called us and we gave him a warm welcome.

Top and bottom, getting to learn our local experiences with our therapist's team(Alan Sinoe Aguilar & Tony Solano) and another Doctor from El Progreso, Yoro, Honduras.

He extended his stay for 2 weeks learning our full system and went back to apply it in México. Two months later, we dedicated his new opening under the name of the inventor of the Therapy.

He reunited more than 500 participants in the first conference. It was a hit to enter into the Mexican market.


Conference in Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara, México

THE MIRACLE MACHINE...People name it like that!

Top: Conference in Puerto Vallarta, México

Invited by Dr. Pablo Sanchez Torres, Jr


Dr. Pablo Sanchez Torres, Jr. Hidalgo 525, Col. Centro, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, México CP48300

Phone: 52-3-22-225-4225

Bottom: Conference in Guadalajara, México

Invited by Dr. Pablo Sanchez Torres, Sir


Dr. Pablo Sanchez Torres, Sir

Fco. Quevedo No. 165-2, Col. Arcos sur, Guadalajara CP48300, Jalisco, México
Phone: 52-3-616-3017

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A Conference Presentation in Guatemala

THE MIRACLE MACHINE...Is What People Called It!!!

A Conference Presentation in Guatemala

Top: Dr. Pablo A. Sanchez Torres, Jr. He went to acupuncture training to Universidad Médica - Ciencias Médicas Villa Clara, Santa Clara, Cuba. He learned about our therapy system in Cuba. Then, visit us to Honduras to get more hands-on professional training. He opens the first clinic in Puerto Vallarta, México. He invited us for a huge conference in México.

Bottom: Dr. Alejandro Elías Gramajo. He was our leader in Guatemala city. A very diversified theraphist. He learned our therapy system and integrated to his practice.


Dr. Alejandro Elías Gramajo

Clínica Biológica de Guatemala, 2da. Calle 33-56, Zona 7, Carretera Vieja a Mixco, Guatemala, Guatemala, Central America

Phone: 506-233-0363; 506-381-9833

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Conference Presentation

THE MIRACLE MACHINE...Is What People Called It!!!

A conference presentation in San Salvador, El Salvador in Central America.

At my left, Dr. Mauricio Ulloa, a prestigious and very well respected doctor on the subject. He helped me out to spread the therapy all over the country.

Dr. Ulloa developed his own clinic and he is an expert on Singlet Energy therapy applications, including light acupuncture.

Dr. Ulloa has given 5 world conferences in 3 world congress of homotoxicology.
In addition, he has been named as professor in the International Academy of Homotoxicology in Baden- Baden, Germany.
He also gave conferences on homotoxicology and acupunture in Cuba.

Dr. Oscar Mauricio Ulloa, 19 Ave. Norte, No.1718, Col. Layco, San Salvador, El Salvador
Phone: 503-226-9065

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Miracle Machine: La Carrera de Calidad de Vida

La Máquina Milagrosa: La Carrera de Calidad de Vida

¡La máquina Milagrosa!...Asi la llamaba la gente. Así la mencionaban y reconocían todos los pacientes o usuarios que se beneficiaban de ella.

Y es que parece increíble el poder curarse de múltiples enfermedades con el solo hecho de periódicamente y durante unos cuantos unos días, beber 1 o 2 vasos de 8 onzas de agua de agua activada; e inhalar después, 5, 10, 15 ó 30 minutos de este aire activado que la misma máquina producía.

Cuando empezé mi trabajo con esta maravillosa máquina y me impresionaba con sus maravillosos resultados en el crítico y difícil campo de las enfermedades, nunca visualizé hacia donde iba a llegar.

La gente - creía yo - solo estaba pasando un momento emocional al respecto. Todo lo que sucedía alrededor de las aplicaciones de esta terapia era fundamento de una simple ilusión.

De hecho, esto me lo dijo el primer médico que invité para ayudarme con la carga que se me venía encima -cual es- la de la correcta evaluación de cada una de las patologías sobre las cuales estaba observando resultados maravillosos, cual nunca vistos antes en mi Villa.

Y todo empezó con el tratamiento contra el asma de mi último varón. Cuatro(4) simples días de terapia y sus síntomas totalmente desaparecieron por completo. Incluso, Quintín, su médico de cabecera se sorprendió cuando lo dije "no más hospitales, ni internaciones de emergencia, mi hijo está curado de su asma".

Y zas que se me viene un resto de estudiantes de la escuela primaria en la que me hijo estudiaba. La maestra se dió cuenta por comentarios inusuales de boca en boca, que Edwin se había curado del asma con un aparatito que yo tenía.

Sin preguntarmelo, me empezó a enviar una delegación cada vez más numerosa y de mayor responsabilidad, a una buena cantidad de niños de la escuela para darlos tratamiento con la máquina milagrosa.

Sin preocupaciones iniciales, procedí con la terapia inofensiva. Agua y aire a nadie pueden hacerle daño - me decía - pero algo me preocupaba. El caso de llevar un control correcto, estadísticas y datos de lo que estaba haciendo. Esto era para mi de singular importancia. Algún día tenía que contestar la pregunta de "¿Cuántos casos de cada enfermedad has tratado?"

Empecé con mi cuadernito de trabajo y aplicando mis conocimientos universitarios de llevar un buen control. Y asi iba avanzando tenazmente, día tras día, jornadas de 10 y 12 horas. Agotadoras pero muy llenas de entusiasmo observando los fantásticos resultados en el campo de la salud humana.

Pero todavía tenía muchas dudas: ¿Cómo, porqué, qué, quién, dónde? Múltiples interrogantes adverbios y sujetos de muchas preguntas cuya información, por el momento no encontraba respuesta. Objetivamente comprendí que necesitaba más información.

Singlet Energy

THE MIRACLE MACHINE...Is What People Called It!!!

To your question about what is Singlet energy?

Just think about when normal oxygen (as the one we usually respire) is activated to its single state by a process called photosensitization produces singlet oxygen. But it doesn't last too long. When returning to normal oxygen again, liberates energy. And this energy is what is called Singlet energy. I would like to any medicine, "the active ingredient."

But, where does it come from?

The lifetime of Singlet oxygen is very short: estimated as a millionth of a second. But the energy doesn’t change. It remains. And that is the energy which (integrated with water or air inhalation) produces a great healing effect to the human body.

How Singlet oxygen is it produced?

Singlet energy is produced as a byproduct of the natural molecular oxygen when activated by Ultra Violet light.

The oxygen within the air get activated during a very short period of time(milliseconds), then it return to its natural state but the energy produced remains and, it may be transferred to water or the body. To the water by mean of producing bubbles during a short period of time. The air is released, but the energy remains in the water. To the body by drinking such water and by simple inhalation.

How does it stimulate growth in red blood cells?

Almost every cell needs oxygen to survive. Cells reproduce quickly when having oxygen, but much faster when having oxygen with energy. If the oxygen within the air is energized (which is not common in urban environments) cells will reproduce in an ideal environment: Oxygen and energy are great stimulants to cell growth.

What other cells does it stimulate growth?

In patient suffering from immunological diseases it has been discovered to stimulate the growth of beneficial cells: white blood cell, platelet, etc. As I am not an expert, little I may speak about this area. But amazing results from applied research confirmed my statement.

How is this good for human health?

Stimulating the body’s immunologic system to help the patient to recover faster from the damages or devastating effects from diseases. It also eliminates and reduces the production of free radicals (oxidative stress) from the human body. It is widely known that free radicals are involved in almost every disease.

How does singlet energy help bananas and other agricultural produce?

Bananas production involves an intensive and frequent use of many different chemicals (insecticides, fungicides, nematicides, etc.) in order to send to the market and present to the customer a pretty yellow top quality final produce. But if this said Singlet energy is given to plant’s root system (by drip irrigation), it is up taken through the plant vessels and carried up to every part of the plant, especially to leaves, producing a very resistant plant to diseases. Obviously, no needs of chemicals. We may simply produce "organic agricultural produce."


Could you imagine the savings involved?
Could you imagine the change or effect to our environment?

My Dream:

I dream that one day we will have this technologie widely applied to agricultural production. But, where I do really expect the most beneficial application is to shrimp and fish farming.
There are great losses of larvae in shrimp farming. This energy may save trillions of dollars to companies involved on intensive shrimp and fish farming.
I am just waiting to somebody interested to try it or listening to the great possibilities. Let me know if you would like to try it...



THE MIRACLE MACHINE...Is What People Called It!!!

Even if I disagree with the way they named it, I just let it go. Anyway, in the long run, is people who define product's name in relation to the results they feel are getting from it.

When I started this Singlet Energy therapie about 13 years ago, I got amazed with the outcome. It is incredible when you see many patients using so many different treatments, drugs and, medicines and they seem not to get well at all. There is something there that those who provide the treatment are missing: Listening ability. I may mention more about it, probably in the near future.

It is just that you must have empathy with the sufferers. Otherwise if you look at them as just "your income in mind" then, for some reason there is no health improvement. This is what I call...lack of work ethics. It is nescessary to apply work ethics on a daily basis, at every moment of your interaction. If you not, then you will be building a hearth of pure cement. Hard like a rock.

People need you, especially when they are sick. Pay attention and listening to what they openly expose to you. Every expression they give you carry the solution to their desperate melancoly.
Pay full attention to it. Open your ears to full extent...and listen. Please, please...listen.


Saturday, July 22, 2006

La Carrera de Calidad de Vida

¿Cuál es tu Carrera de la Vida?
¿Tienes alguna?
¿La estás siguiendo concienzudamente?...Si no, aprende porque...

"¡Los Resultados de Calidad de Vida son Impresionantes!"

Estos son momentos precisos en nuestra historia. Cuando se desarrollan guerras en el globo terrestre, sobre todo, relacionadas con Israel y otros paises; cuando hay desastres por todos lados, terremotos, inundaciones, maremotos, sunamis, politiquería barata, maldad desatada, delincuencia incontrolada, terrorismo, irrespeto entre padres e hijos, madres que asesinan a sus vástagos, etc. etc...¡Todo esto me pone alerta!

¿Porqué? Pues esto es muy interesante, todos estos sucesos han sido previstos, preavisados, pronosticados por bien conocidos personajes de la antiguedad, y ya han sucedido muchos años atrás. ¡Lo mismo de siempre?...¡No, no y no! Estos eventos son cada vez son mas frecuentes y desastrosos en intensidad. Me ponen a pensar concienzudamente en que está cerca, muy cerca, más bien caliente nuestro punto final.

¿ME APASIONA LAS GUERRAS?...¡Si! Pero en diferente sentido: Me apasionan las guerras contra la miseria, el hambre, la enfermedad, la inseguridad, la violencia. Me entristece profundamente el sufrimiento de los seres involucrados en las mismas, de los niños, los ancianos y las madres en embarazo; quienes usualmente y en la mayoría de los casos, nada tienen que ver. Todo esto es ocasionado por la incertidumbre en que viven aquellos seres humanos que no conocen la razón mas importante del vivir humano: El amor.

Alli radica la fundamental cuestión humana, el escaso raciocinio producto de una educación que no cumple los requisitos necesarios para mantener los seres en convivencia. No hay nada más detestable sobre la faz de la Tierra que el racismo, el odio y la incompresión.

El problema fundamental humano radica en que “todos creen tener la razón". Todos piensan que esto es lo único que debe existir. Y, lo más triste...Que cuando se lo acompaña con falsos sentimientos religiosos...ocasiona debacles tremendas que parece nunca van a tener fin.

Asi está este planeta Tierra...azotado por toda esta barbarie de locos infra-humanos. ¿Si supieran que hay problemas que los que ellos piensan, creen o ven como los más importantes?

De paso, se me ocurren unas preguntas, que poco a poco iré desarrollando, con el afán gratuito de enriquecer la sabiduría de lectores concienzudos, de corazón sencillo y con sueños puros.

  1. ¿Podremos alcanzar mejores niveles de calidad de vida y de salud?
  2. ¿Porqué nos enfermamos?
  3. ¿Es solo con medicamentos comerciales que podemos curar nuestros males y sufrimientos?
  4. ¿Cuál es la verdad acerca de la enfermedad que nos azota?
  5. ¿Cómo es posible erradicarla de nuestro cuerpo sin tener que invertir tanto dinero en fármacos?
  6. ¿Donde podemos encontrar ayuda para resolver nuestros problemas de salud?
  7. ¿Habrá algún día verdadera solidaridad para con los enfermos?
  8. ¿Dónde están las soluciones para nuestras enfermedades?
  9. ¿Porqué es escaso "el amor" en la Tierra?
  10. ¿Existe alguna esperanza para la humanidad?

¡Sí existe! Energía del oxígeno Singlet. Elaboraré acerca de su potencial.