Sunday, March 16, 2008

Singlet Energy

THE MIRACLE MACHINE...Is What People Called It!!!

To your question about what is Singlet energy?

Just think about when normal oxygen (as the one we usually respire) is activated to its single state by a process called photosensitization produces singlet oxygen. But it doesn't last too long. When returning to normal oxygen again, liberates energy. And this energy is what is called Singlet energy. I would like to any medicine, "the active ingredient."

But, where does it come from?

The lifetime of Singlet oxygen is very short: estimated as a millionth of a second. But the energy doesn’t change. It remains. And that is the energy which (integrated with water or air inhalation) produces a great healing effect to the human body.

How Singlet oxygen is it produced?

Singlet energy is produced as a byproduct of the natural molecular oxygen when activated by Ultra Violet light.

The oxygen within the air get activated during a very short period of time(milliseconds), then it return to its natural state but the energy produced remains and, it may be transferred to water or the body. To the water by mean of producing bubbles during a short period of time. The air is released, but the energy remains in the water. To the body by drinking such water and by simple inhalation.

How does it stimulate growth in red blood cells?

Almost every cell needs oxygen to survive. Cells reproduce quickly when having oxygen, but much faster when having oxygen with energy. If the oxygen within the air is energized (which is not common in urban environments) cells will reproduce in an ideal environment: Oxygen and energy are great stimulants to cell growth.

What other cells does it stimulate growth?

In patient suffering from immunological diseases it has been discovered to stimulate the growth of beneficial cells: white blood cell, platelet, etc. As I am not an expert, little I may speak about this area. But amazing results from applied research confirmed my statement.

How is this good for human health?

Stimulating the body’s immunologic system to help the patient to recover faster from the damages or devastating effects from diseases. It also eliminates and reduces the production of free radicals (oxidative stress) from the human body. It is widely known that free radicals are involved in almost every disease.

How does singlet energy help bananas and other agricultural produce?

Bananas production involves an intensive and frequent use of many different chemicals (insecticides, fungicides, nematicides, etc.) in order to send to the market and present to the customer a pretty yellow top quality final produce. But if this said Singlet energy is given to plant’s root system (by drip irrigation), it is up taken through the plant vessels and carried up to every part of the plant, especially to leaves, producing a very resistant plant to diseases. Obviously, no needs of chemicals. We may simply produce "organic agricultural produce."


Could you imagine the savings involved?
Could you imagine the change or effect to our environment?

My Dream:

I dream that one day we will have this technologie widely applied to agricultural production. But, where I do really expect the most beneficial application is to shrimp and fish farming.
There are great losses of larvae in shrimp farming. This energy may save trillions of dollars to companies involved on intensive shrimp and fish farming.
I am just waiting to somebody interested to try it or listening to the great possibilities. Let me know if you would like to try it...



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