Thursday, March 20, 2008

Conference Presentation

THE MIRACLE MACHINE...Is What People Called It!!!

A conference presentation in San Salvador, El Salvador in Central America.

At my left, Dr. Mauricio Ulloa, a prestigious and very well respected doctor on the subject. He helped me out to spread the therapy all over the country.

Dr. Ulloa developed his own clinic and he is an expert on Singlet Energy therapy applications, including light acupuncture.

Dr. Ulloa has given 5 world conferences in 3 world congress of homotoxicology.
In addition, he has been named as professor in the International Academy of Homotoxicology in Baden- Baden, Germany.
He also gave conferences on homotoxicology and acupunture in Cuba.

Dr. Oscar Mauricio Ulloa, 19 Ave. Norte, No.1718, Col. Layco, San Salvador, El Salvador
Phone: 503-226-9065

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